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Monday, September 23rd


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Curiosity’s View of a Spring and Summer on Mars


Photo by J. Lacour

*What secrets has it uncovered?
*How is it moving us toward manned missions and eventual human settlements on Mars?

*How does the laser work?

The Mars rover Curiosity has been roaming the surface of Mars for more than an Earth year now.  When it landed safely in August of 2012, people danced in Times Square and rejoiced all over the world. Its most novel technology, the laser instrument that most closely resembles a geologist’s light saber, has shot more than 70,000 holes in martian rocks and soils.

Darby Dyar MHC_headshot

Professor Darby Dyar

Professor Darby Dyar, member of the Mars Science Laboratory science team, will give an insider’s view into the daily life of the rover and its scientists, reflect back on the sites and accomplishments of the past year, and look forward to the next year on Mars.

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