…with a 70 item data set, and the data set asks for a beer. The bartender says he needs proof before he can serve; the data set responds, “It’s fine, I have over twenty ones.”

Monday, September 26th at 6pm

***Union Station , Northampton***

Benford’s Law:
Why the IRS cares about Algebra and Number Theory (and why you should too!)

 *What is Benford’s Law?
*Does “1” appear more often than “7” in life?
*Can math detect tax fraud?
*What do the statistics of numerals inform us about corporate sales?

Steven Miller

 Steven J. Miller is an associate professor of mathematics at Williams College. His research is in number theory and probability, especially some problems on the boundary of math and physics.  Some of his current projects with undergraduates include a collaboration with the San Diego Padres and working with the IRS to detect tax fraud, as well as some problems in number theory and dynamical systems.

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