… and orders a gin fizz. Bartender: “Would you like a lime and stones in your fizz?” GEOscientist: “How did you know my limestones fizz!?”

Monday, April 22nd, 6 pm

***Union Station, Northampton***

What is limestone good for?: Scientific significance and cultural history of this important natural resourceStones

What is limestone?

How does limestone form?  Who cares?

Are there any fossils in limestone?

What’s so special about caves?

What is the oldest stone ever quarried?

What are the pyramids in Egypt made of? How about ancient Mayan temples?

Can we eat limestone?

What about marble?

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Bosiljka Glumac is a professor in the Department of Geosciences at Smith College. She is sedimentary geologist whose research focuses on carbonate rocks such as limestone. She is not only interested in how limestone forms and what can we learn from it about landscapes, sea level, climate and life in the past, but also in how humans have been using this stone throughout history. Her research has taken her along the Appalachians from Tennessee to Vermont, the coast of Texas, to the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Micronesia, Italy, as well as back to her home country of Croatia.
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