Announcing the 2019-20 Season!

9/23/19 Prof. Jesse Mager (UMass, Vet science)

“How DNA Remembers Your Grandma – X Inactivation, Imprinting, and Epigenetic Events During Embryo Development”

10/28/19 Prof. Patricia Cahn (Smith College, Mathematics)  

“Know Your Wallpaper”

12/2/19 Prof. Jeremy Cone  (Williams College, Psychology) 

“Forming Impressions of Others in the Era of Fake News, Social Media, and Gossip”

1/27/20 Prof. Patty Brennan  (Mount Holyoke College, Biology) 

“The Importance of Oddball Science”

2/24/20 Prof. Charlie Doret  (Williams College, Physics) 

“Atoms as Tools: Quantum Mechanics, Qubits, and Quool Tools for Research and Technology”

3/30/20 Prof. Jason Young (Mount Holyoke College, Astronomy) 

“The Wild Side of Shy Galaxies”

4/27/20 Prof. Raychelle Burks [@DrRubidium

(St. Edwards University, Chemistry)  

“All My Favorite Teachers are Zombies”

6/1/20 Prof. Matthew Lackner (UMass, Mechanical Engineering)

 “Offshore Wind Energy”