… and orders a quantum martini: shaken and not shaken.

Monday, February 24th, 6pm

***Union Station, Northampton***

“Atoms at Work: Quantum Mechanics, Qubits, and Quool Tools for Research and Technology”

What do atoms have to do with time?

How might you navigate from Northampton to Boston with your eyes closed?

How can physics break in to your emails? Or keep them safe?

Charlie Doret is a physics professor at Williams College who is interested in applications of simple atomic systems. His laboratory uses lasers and electric fields to control the quantum states of individual trapped atomic ions which can be used both to test our understanding of the laws of physics and to emulate the behavior of more complicated physical systems which are difficult to manipulate in their native form. SciTech Cafe events are open all those with curious minds regardless age and background.  Our events, prizes and snack are free, but donations are appreciated.

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