Can We Cure the Common Cold?

Professor Scott Garman from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UMass Amherst will share his cutting-edge research on drug development and will conduct diffraction experiments with lasers right before our eyes! April 28, 2014

Physicists Fold Under Pressure

Prof. Chris Santangelo, and Prof. Ryan Hayward at UMass, together with Prof. Thomas Hull from Western New England University and research teams from Cornell, have been creating soft, micro-scale polymer gels that can fold into remarkably complex origami shapes which could have applications in bio-medical engineering.  In this presentation you’ll see the wizardry of origami and how its mysteries are being unlocked and harnessed by researchers in the Pioneer Valley. June 9, 2014

Exploring Alien Worlds

How do astronomers determine the climate on planets dozens of light years away? What are these worlds like? How many are habitable? Professor Nick Cowan  of Amherst College will share his research and answer your out of this world questions. September 22, 2014

Why Do We Sleep?

Professor Rebecca Spencer of UMass will share her research on sleep and answer your questions… Should I sleep or pull an ‘all-nighter’ before an exam? Where do dreams come from? Should I ‘sleep on it’ before making a decision? October 28, 2014